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Incontinence affects today more than 50,000 people in Tunisia and more specifically seniors. The evolution of our society increasingly oriented towards «leisure» and the increase of life expectancy has changed the attitudes and behaviors of this population. Although taboos persist, seniors want to live their retirement actively. This is why TENA has constantly been innovating to enable them to enjoy every moment

Anticipate consumer demands to better meet their need is what gives you the TENA offer. Indeed, in more than 90 countries around the world, TENA is the specialist of anti- incontinence products and the world leader of urinary leakage solutions.

Marketed since 1998 in Tunisia Algeria and Morocco,TENA is one of the major brands of adult hygiene available in the Maghreb.

TENA products are manufactured through a sustainable development process. We permanently search for balance between the functional, economic and ecological requirements in order to satisfy consumers while protecting the environment.

TENA is the worldwide leader in urinary leakage solutions; it offers a set of solutions that will guarantee all the safety and comfort you need in everyday life.