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TEMPO, is a brand that has been successful for more than 80 years in Europe.
Thanks to its unique quality, the TEMPO handkerchief is leader in Europe and worldwide. It offers the security and protection needed from a handkerchief, combining softness and strength.  TEMPO accompanies you in your daily life and gives you a sense of skin security and softness.

Sancella Tunisia markets TEMPO tissues in the Maghreb countries, offering a wide range of 4 and 3 plyhandkerchiefs and facial tissue.

Tempo Range paper


Resistent and soft, it is the 4-ply handkerchief you need to have in your pocket. Reliable in use and essential to any occasion.


Refreshing in a different way! Whether for hot summer days looking for a little refreshment, or winter when striving for a feeling of coolness! Tempo Ice provides a pleasant feeling of freshness with the thrill of lemon.


In a convenient format, mini Tempo Kids packages are perfect for children as well as adults looking for fantasy.


TEMPO BOX facial