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MSI 20 000

The strength of our financial performances as well as the reliability of our working procedures have earned us the  MSI 20 000 certification.

Certification is a procedure by which a third party, the Certifying Body, provides an assurance that an entity complies with the requirements set forth in Specifications for a particular standard.

Certification measures are strong initiatives, offering companies a real identity and permanently engaging them in a process of significant and continued improvement of their attractiveness. A certification with respect to a given standard provides businesses with a competitive advantage.

Certifications establish benchmarks for all economic or financial, local and foreign, present as well as future agents or actors. They are the companion tool indispensable for relaying and consolidating, across all borders, the emerging multilateral relations.

MSI 20 000 is a financial standard that meets the most stringent compliance requirements of financial reliability.

Being MSI 20 000 certified by an authorized body following strict procedures specific to a standard, provides evidence of compliance with the standard-related specifications. This standard, which is a guarantee of financial quality, measures the financial strength and performance of a structure.

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SANCELLA Tunisie est certifiée MSI20000